Hatsukoi Zombie Omakes

This page is going to be used for HZ omake since I don’t feel like making 10 posts for 2-3 pages.

Vol 1.

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Vol 3.

Vol 4. (Coming Soon™)

Vol 5. (Omake comic already made by Underdog Scans, rest Coming Soon™)

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Vol 17 (Final)

Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 166 & Chapter 167 (Final)

It’s finally over!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh4q4q4go4c?autoplay=1]

This is Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 166 and 167. The main chapters are over, now only omakes remain. These will get done eventually as the remaining volumes come out.

Download Chapter 166

Download Chapter 167

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!