Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 166 & Chapter 167 (Final)

It’s finally over!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh4q4q4go4c?autoplay=1]

This is Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 166 and 167. The main chapters are over, now only omakes remain. These will get done eventually as the remaining volumes come out.

Download Chapter 166

Download Chapter 167

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 166 & Chapter 167 (Final)”

  1. Oh man, I teared up like a little bitch and it couldn’t have had anything to do with the bottle of vodka I downed before reading this.
    I wanted this ending.
    My first trip to Nipland happened around the time you fags picked up this series, and I even bought the first few volumes from a bookstore in Saitama, when my eyes ran across them in passing. Good memories.
    Thanks for the hard work, Dropout; I’ll remember you guys fondly.

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