This is Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 95. We are still looking for new permanent translators for this, Chio-chan and Bitch.


PS: The naming of the files are messed a bit. Just add a “0” in front of “13” and “14” if you’re going to used some sort of reader. Otherwise, pages 13 and 14 will be last.


0 thoughts on “HATSUKOI ZOMBIE CHAPTER 95”

  1. YEAH! I’ve been waiting for so long~ Thank you for the chapter and good luck finding someone to be the permanent translator~

  2. I took a look and saw that the raws are at chapter 104. Considering how far behind you are, I’m guessing you’re currently waiting for another month-long hiatus or something for Tomo so you can catch up on it?

    Thank you for working on it, don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing manga and I’m glad you’re working on it, I’m just confused.

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