Precious 4p Short Stories Chapter 13: Miss Daydream [by Yanagida Fumita]

Joint with Baby One more Time. This is a oneshot that was released on twitter, then on the “Precious 4p Short Stories” anthology book. Since this is the author of Tomo-chan, I asked the group if they wanted to do a joint and they gladly accepted (or I would’ve sniped it, lol).




So Batoto is pretty much on its last leg now, so for the time being, we’re making a move to . It’s not perfect right now, but it’s pretty much the best alternative right now as the /g/ replacement will most likely never work. Right now, only the lastest chapters of Chio-chan, Hatsukoi Zombie and Tomo-chan are on, but the remaining are already in the database. On mangadex, our Tomo-chan archive will be 10 pages chapters (uploading over 200 individual pages would be hell), I imagine it’ll be the same for the previous groups’ releases.
This is our group’s Mangadex page.

Our later releases will also be uploaded there.

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Kareshi no Neko ga Kawaikunai (001–012)


Uuuuh, this is not a proper pick-up. This is just to drum up interest for a proper pick-up by another group. OR… if you’re interested in working on this (Translation and Typesetting), feel free to hit us up on our IRC channel.

As for Tomo-chan, read from bottom to top.

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Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 80

OK, remember when I said we wouldn’t pick anything new for a while? I lied. Well, this isn’t the pick (we’re not going to release it with the #dropout tag, but if you’re a bit smart, you’ll be able to figure out what it is), but we’re going to do a few chapters of Hatsukoi Zombie to help out Kobe with the backlog.

This is Hatsukoi Zombie 80. We get to see the Ebino Siblings in this one, so it’s pretty cool.