Shiori Experience Ch. 61

“Let’s shoot for monthly releases!” he said, strapping on his big floppy clown shoes.

So yeah, been a hot minute. Sorry bout that. Had to take a break handle some life stuff, but we’re back. Thanks for being so patient, and look forward to the next release (which will be sometime between next month and the heat death of the universe).

Chapter 61 [Download]

8 thoughts on “Shiori Experience Ch. 61”

  1. Great work! On the new chapter AND on that shiny new degree ;).
    Hoping for no long term effects from covid, best of luck with everything as always

  2. Maaaaaan, I’m so glad the Black Bus guys get to stick around!

    Thank you for this, you made my month <3

  3. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HARD WORK! Do not worry about taking too long, and congrats on the master’s degree

  4. sorry about the covid hope you’re doing better now. congrats on the master’s too that rocks. thanks for the update have a good one

  5. maaan that was so freakin goooood ! anyways we can always wait for the next chapters, so focus on yo life my g!!!

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