6 thoughts on “Shiori Experience Ch. 56 + Ch. 57”

  1. Thank you! Two chapters make my day! You also imagined gatakey is more on the metal spectrum? I imagined them more on the punk-psychobilly spectrum , ala The Cramps. Thank you thank you!

  2. hey, thanks for translating. wanted to comment here to let you know that gatakey is actually a psychobilly group, which is a style of music that typically uses contrabass, hollow electric guitar and drums. here’s a wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychobilly nekromantix and horrorpops are two popular bands that play in this music style if you wanna give them a listen.

  3. This chapters have appeared in the best time possible, Shiori is literally helping my personal life and I really appreciate your work. Hoping to see more soon!

  4. This is the greatest manga ever — a sheer heart attack for a person like me, who’s just started playing in a band. I’m grateful for the wonderful work that you have been doing — bringing us such a wonderful Gem! I look forward to Purple Haze on next chapter, yay!!!

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