6 thoughts on “Witch Hat Atelier Ch. 34”

  1. Can we have some update on what is going on ? Is there any japanese raw somewhere ? I know it’s hard but i’m dying to know what is going to happen next T..T

    1. Raws are released in the magazine Morning Two on Amazon.co.jp. The 9/20 release is chapter 35, 11/22 is chapter 36, and so on. As for an update, our release of 35 is nearly out, held up currently for QC.

      1. Thank you for your quick reply ! I know fantrad takes a lot of time and you have your own life and stuff so i’ll also thank you for your works ! I can say witch hat atelier is changing my life and it’s thanks to Kamome Shirahama but it’s also thanks to you guys so thank you so much !

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