10 thoughts on “Witch Hat Atelier Ch. 33”

  1. Hi! I was interested in applying for the proofreader position but couldn’t make an account on MangaDex to message you on because of all the popups. If it’s still available I’d like to apply. I don’t have previous experience as a proofreader but I’ve been really enjoying Witch Hat Atelier and helping out sounds like fun! Either way I’m still grateful for the translations your group does.

  2. tnx for the chapter (english is not my first language so i won’t be applying for PR but i hope you find someone)

  3. Thank you for the chapter! Just found your releases and you guys did amazing with the translation and the typesetting (choices of fonts etc); one of the best I’ve seen honestly! It makes reading very enjoyable!

  4. Hello! Sorry for nagging you, but do you have any kind of estimate for when chapters 34 and 35 will be translated?

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