Forgot to post this last night.

Tomo-chan is back on the 12th.

8 thoughts on “Forgot to post this last night.”

  1. Let’s hope this time it’s for real…. I would rather they say they don’t know when they are coming back and it’s going to take a long time (2-3 months) than keep us waiting for a date, then cancel, then another date, then cancel…. It’s so unprofessional and feels like they don’t care at all.
    This and the path the story is taking, the way he’s making things go excruciatingly slow… I’ll go out of my way not to read anything from Fumita ever again, sadly.

    That said, thank you so much for keeping us updated and bringing the chapters as soon as they arrive, this must be tiring for you too. Sorry about the rant.

  2. Been checking every weekend hoping that this is back. Finally looks like it will be. Next time theres a break wish you guys would post with a title like “Delayed: unknown/date”. The image you guys posted doesn’t tell me anything :(. I cant read/understand the language.

    1. Guy, I don’t know shit about japanese myself, but I’m smsrt enough to make the “6月12日” association. Or just go to the twitter page, they have translator built-in now.

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