10 thoughts on “Witch Hat Atelier Ch. 28”

  1. That was such an amazing chapter!!! Thank you so much for not only translating, but going back and finding all the runes that were used! That was so cool to relive those moments like that. That was so thoughtful, and really enhanced the experience. Thank you thank you for being so consistent in your Witch Hat updates!

  2. Thank you for the chapter of this amazing manga, and especially the hard work that went into tracking down all the glyphs at the end. You didn’t have to but you did, and for that you guys are amazing <3

  3. thank you for translating this amazing manga! I love it so much that I got my own copy for the first volumen and saving for the others! <3

  4. The file is no longer available on Mega. Please re-upload it again if it’s not too much trouble. Thank you.

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