Witch Hat Vol. 4 Extras/Revisions

In the Volume 4 tanks, there were a number of revised pages as well as extras that didn’t come with the magazine version. Each chapter came with a character illustration (which I’ve decided to tack on after credits) and the pages revised are as follows:

Ch. 22 pg 27
Ch.23 pg 02, 14, 26-27

All the chapters have been updated here and on Mangadex accordingly, but here’s a link with all the pages that have been added/changed:

Vol. 4 Extras/Revisions

As for Chapter 26, translation was held up for a good while, but it was finally completed and the script is currently in the process of being proofread/touched up. So, expect a new chapter in the next few days.

Oh, and there was a 4 page omake as well. Once we’re caught up to the most current release in Japan (Ch. 27), we’ll take some time to work on that as well.

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