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  1. Oh geez, is Tomo in some sort of weird denial?

    Like “Nope, that didn’t happen, we’re best buds, the best of buds, nothing will change that!”

    Well, guess the cat is out of the bag on both sides, sort off… I wonder how long will it take Jun to realize Tomo has already confessed to him several times in the past (if he isn’t already aware)

  2. I hope we get to see Jun’s confession word for word in a flashback or something. It’s just that I’ve been waiting for it this whole time and it feels such an cop-out not to actually see it.

    1. Well I don’t think he said more than what was shown… He said “something like a confession”, which was basically him saying that it is not a misunderstanding…

      Though I’m pretty sure we will see Jun actually and literally confessing properly, as Tomo will probably (as she seems now) not acknowledge it until she’s confronted directly with a real confession

  3. You guys do understand the concept of the bonfire after the school’s culture festival. If a guy asks a girl to dance around the bonfire and she accepts. It basically means that they are a announcing to everyone that they’re couple.
    That’s why Tomo said that is was embarrassing dancing as friends and was hoping it wouldn’t create a misunderstanding. Which of course Jun, says it is not a misunderstanding, not only once but twice. Tomo of course is shocked at his unsubtle confession towards her runs away. Now she is behaving in her typical Tomo mode.

    It is clear to me it seems that Jun finally not only sees her as a girl that not only is his best friend but also can be his love.

    1. Oh i never knew that dancing around the bonfire was a big thing for couples. Thanks for explaining, sirynx! I mistakenly thought there was an actual, straightforward “i like you” confession that occurred between them which we didn’t see because it cut to Misuzu and Carol watching them. Now I understand that the “something like a confession” Jun was talking about was just the “it’s not a misunderstanding” scene.

    1. What kept me reading this series is that despite the glacial pace, it moved inexorably towards a conclusion. I’ve gotten tired of romcoms where the progress ended up resetting between chapters. It’s much vastly more satisfying than a series where no effective development happens until it inevitably gets cancelled. In such cases, every chapter between the first and the last are practically filler.
      While this series often felt like dragging whenever there was a flashback arc or a new character was introduced, you always felt like there was character development or the had relationships evolved.
      I’m sure barring external factors, this series can go for another few hundred pages before it ends, and another few hundred for an epilogue.

  4. Misuzu’s growing friendship with Carol is what gives me life. When Carol was introduced I thought I was gonna hate her, but I guess I was dead wrong

  5. I think Misuzu got it wrong… It’s not like Tomo doesn’t feel good enough for Jun, she just doesn’t wanna lose the sort of relationship they already have, for her it doesn’t seem to be possible that both things, friendship and love, can co-exist without one affecting or changing the other permanently, and well she’s not fully wrong, but staying as it is probably wouldn’t also be enough in the long run…

    Hopefully Misuzu gets some closure on her self-inflicted guilt trip, and realizes that Tomo isn’t as influetiable as she thought, and that Tomo genuinely values their friendship regardless of how different they might be… Misuzu still think what is holding Tomo back is that she doesn’t feel womanly enough, which is what Misuzu was helping her with early on, but that’s really not the case anymore…

  6. It’s funny how Jun reacts regarding Carol. Carol did have a “huge” impact on Jun in both cases where they had major interactions

  7. Oh my, I have this weird dream that Mizuzu also realized she was in love with Jun. I really thought it was real.

  8. First of all, I want to say, thank you very much for all your time and efforts invested in translating.
    Second, man. Another haitus. I need a dose of Tomo-chan everyday. Seriously, I can’t stand waiting, I’ll probably die before it comes back again due to the withdrawal symptoms. Lol. xD

  9. I thought the most saddest story is this going on hiatus.. But indefinite hiatus is much much more sadder than this.. I just hope the author will announce when will he be back..

  10. its flyweight champ u fuck and its really questionable win DJ clearly won rounds 1&3 2,4,5 were really close and an argument can be made both ways depending on how the judges valued takedowns and strikes but based on the amount of damage applied DJ landed significantly more strikes whereas henry cejudo just sat on him for 2 minutes at the end of each round. thanks for the translations and uploads.

    1. Johnson lost fair and square, deal with it, nerd. The belt is getting retired anyway since nobody fights in the division.

  11. day #31654535, still no sign of the next page, my sanity is all but gone, my will to live gone with it, what reasons do I have to stay in this wretched plane of existence without my daily dose of Tomo chan to ease away the pain of sentience. I am on the verge of attempting to trigger a nuclear apocalypse by throwing tweets at particular twitter accounts in hopes that they smash that big red button in a fit of rage and put an end to this insanity in this Tomo forsaken world.

  12. So the hiatus this time around was for the volume extras? Nice niow my soul is temporarly refilled, thanks for reposting the link. Btw you guys don’t use disquis anymore?

    1. Idk, comments are managed by wordpress. I don’t choose these things. The comment section could be blasted off from the site and I wouldn’t know.

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