1. I must admit, when I saw Dropout show up on my RSS Feed reader I got exited and thought it was Tomo chan (TT_TT), now I think I’ll just kill myself…

  2. It’s been a while since chapter 24, so I went to check on new chapters. I’m so glad someone picked it up again. I finally can continue reading again, as an anime adaption has also been announced as well. So I’m here to say thank you.

  3. Btw, I don’t know if the staff is reading this but if the White Cats head prefect ever returns. His name ケット シィ, I’m pretty sure it translates to Cat Sith/Cait Sith/Cait Sidhe. The black cat of the Celtic mythology. Whether you knew it or not, I just wanted to say it since two other scanlators probably were confused how to write his name. One wrote it as Ketto Cee and one other as Keith. I don’t know how you wanna write his name in the future but having this knowledge might help. If you don’t need this info, you can just ignore it.

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