TOMO-CHAN WA ONNA NO KO! Chapter 521-523

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Beer and Pepsi can mix, kinda, but not too much.

Also, another hiatus until the 14. TL-san says thank you, Fumita.


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>losing to the flels

Also, give a warm welcome to JAC and Decibull, new editors/QCs/whatever we’ll give them.


[#dropout] Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko! page 521.png

If you want to help us editing Tomo-chan (or typesetting it from time to time when I die and such), come around our channel.

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  1. So. What if… Mizu is still in love of with Jun. But she sacrificing her happiness for Tomo? I think despite Mizu and Juns bickering, she actually enjoys his time around? LoL anyway thanks for the chapter.

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