Witch Hat Vol. 4 Extras/Revisions

In the Volume 4 tanks, there were a number of revised pages as well as extras that didn’t come with the magazine version. Each chapter came with a character illustration (which I’ve decided to tack on after credits) and the pages revised are as follows:

Ch. 22 pg 27
Ch.23 pg 02, 14, 26-27

All the chapters have been updated here and on Mangadex accordingly, but here’s a link with all the pages that have been added/changed:

Vol. 4 Extras/Revisions

As for Chapter 26, translation was held up for a good while, but it was finally completed and the script is currently in the process of being proofread/touched up. So, expect a new chapter in the next few days.

Oh, and there was a 4 page omake as well. Once we’re caught up to the most current release in Japan (Ch. 27), we’ll take some time to work on that as well.

Witch Hat Atelier Ch. 22


As enjoyable as its been for me, I’ve stopped adding in an English logo over the original one. Making new variants for of the logo each chapter has become too time consuming, and the results, in terms of presentation, are either the same or worse.  If for whatever reason, consistency or whatnot, you want versions of chapters 16-20 without the English logo, let me know and I can upload it here.

Edit: slight changes for consistency + vol 4 extra