Shiori Experience Chapter 46

And that’s volume 10!


Just a bit of business. It’s been a marathon sprint through volume 10, and we were only able to keep that pace because it was winter break. School is starting up again, so this is going to be slowing down. I don’t think it’ll end up going monthly, but it really depends on how busy things get.

2 thoughts on “Shiori Experience Chapter 46”

  1. Thanks so much for translating! This is such a great manga and it’s helped a lot by the top-notch quality translation from y’all. Thanks for picking it up and for powering through the last arc the way you did. Until next time!

  2. Finally got some time to check vol10 and give a proper thanks for picking up this manga. I’ve been following pretty much since it showed up in mangadex and was missing it big time since CAT stopped releasing it. Being able to finally read it again in this hard times has been a great gift. So once again, thank you!

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