2 thoughts on “Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei Chapter 15”

  1. Thanks for the great work of your group in scanlating Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei after the previous scan group dropped it but I just have to ask you if your group would consider rescanlating Volume 1 Chapter 2 of Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei by Raptor Scans due to the fact Raptor Scans had scanlated Chapter 2, using a censored magazine raw instead of an uncensored tank raw so several pages in Chapter 2 by Raptor Scans ended up with a lot of censorship.

    In addition, Raptor Scans never bothered to include any extra content found in the tanks so I am wondering about the unseen extra content missing from the Volume 1 scanlations by Raptor Scans as well. The extra content from the manga tanks for this gyaru manga are usually lewd drawings of the cast or a short bonus comic from the author by the way.

    However, I did notice a Brazilian group that goes by the name of Yandere Scans on Mangadex having managed to release an uncensored scanlated version of Chapter 2 of Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei in Portuguese, meaning this Brazilian scan group managed to obtain uncensored tank chapters rather than rely on censored magazine raws.

    Perhaps, when you find the time, you and your group could contact Yandere Scans through their Group Info Page on Mangadex and see if they might be willing to lend you and your group a hand with obtaining uncensored tank raws for Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei Volume 1 and later volumes because if you take a look at every Yandere Scans release on Mangadex, all their released chapters in Portuguese contain extra content from the tanks, like official lewd artwork.

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