Damn! I really got schooled just now.

This is Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 84 to 87. These have been typesetted by Kobester11 and I guess we’re doing a joint now.

Chapter 84

Chapter 85

Chapter 86

Chapter 87

(Links updated 04-23-2018, Underdog scans’ website is dead)


And don’t be a creep.

  • From TL.

0 thoughts on “HATSUKOI ZOMBIE CHAPTER 84-87”

    1. Unless you can redraw and give backrubs, I’m not interested.
      And that wasn’t my doing, that was Kobe from Underdog. I’m just posting the links on here.

        1. I was just flirting (terribly ?) and I’m broke and impatient, so I can’t pay for redraws (nor do I want my name on that “for exposure” twitter page)

          EDIT (why did I fucking write this?)

      1. lol ahhh yes the infamous “for exposure” twitter page…. as an artist I know the pain lol =) but for real thank you for picking up my current obsession and saving me from being stuck with raws and thank/curse Kobe for introducing me to this drug of a manga. Glad he is still around, was sad when his website went down…

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